Born in West-Germany in 1963. Moved to Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands, in 1965. Started playing and composing electronic music as hoby from 1978. Graduated for teacher but  switched to another profession and became software engineer and still is, since 1986. Martin Höller Born in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, in 1996. Got piano lessons since she was 5 years old, so she was able to read musical notes before she could read. Now she is giving piano lessons to children herself. See Started playing and composing electronic music from 2010. To make her profession from her  hobby she started studying music in Arnhem in 2012. Beside electronic music she likes pop and classical music. Celine Höller Inspiration From the moment I heard electronic music I started seeking for different music styles and genres performed on synthesizers. Own compositions are inspired by the following musicians and styles: Expirimental The first electronic music album I bought was Blackdance of Klaus Schulze in 1976. After that many albums of this great musician followed. This genre also includes the music of Tangerine Dream, Peter Baumann and Software. Synthesizer The music of Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro and Vangelis is more for a wider audience and is less expirimental. But for certain occasions nice to listen at. Classical There was the classical style like Isao Tomita, like performing Mussorgsky ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ and Walter Carlos performing the Brandenburg Concertos and Switched on Bach. Disco The first bought single was ‘From here to Eternity’ of Giorgio Moroder. Side B could be played at 33rpm. Others in this genre were Devine, Bohannon and Patrick Cowley. Techno One of the founders of techno is undoubtedly Kraftwerk. Other favorites that followed are Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Cari Lekebusch, Bas Mooy, Dave Clark and Adam Beyer. Trance Armin van Buuren is still the greatest producer and promoter of trance music in the world. Others DJ’s are Tiësto, Alex Morph, Dash Berlin and Markus Schulz. Dark Ambient This fascinating genre is well performed by Cryo Chamber, Robert Rich, Julian H Mulder, Kammarheit and Thomas Köner.   Own compositions are inspired by the following musicians and styles: Under construction History Started expirimental solo compositions in the 70th and recorded it on tape under the name C.O.P. Switched to the name Synthtrack in 1983. Compositions were mostly based on a combination of the sentiment of that moment and on new found sounds, effects and features. For some pieces Minka Sonneville wrote and sung her own lyrics. In the summer of 1984 the band ‘Disengaged Dreams’ was formed with Ruud Verhoef (vocals), Peter Jacobs (guitar) and Martin Höller (synthesizers and drums). The style was defined as ‘Modern Danceable Music’. The tracks were composed by the band itself. The band stopped in 1988. This year we were able to digitize more than 20 hours of the Synthtrack and Disengaged Dreams tapes, including an radio interview and practice tapes. Between 1988 and 2013 only occasionaly some ‘Techno’ compositions and mixes were made on the computer. With the newly added analog and digital equipment, and the style and input Celine brings in, Synthtrack will revive to a next level.   Instrument History Started in the late 70th on a Thomas organ with integrated Moog Preset Synthesizer and Godwin Drummaker 45. In 1983 the polyphone synthesizer Korg Poly-61 was added.  In the next year the Roland Drumatix TR-606 and Juno-106 were bought. The first computer was the Comodore 64 with a special JMS Midi interface board which could be connected to the Juno.. When the band Disengaged Dreams was formed the Roland TR-707 and Korg-DDM 220 drumcomputers were added. In some compositions also the Roland SH-101 can be heared. Celine started with piano lessons in 2002 on the Roland RD-150. In 2012 we bought the Korg Electribe SX and a year later the Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) Poly Evolver synthesizer. In 2014 the Korg Kross was added. This year the Novation Mininova.