The vintage sounds of analog synthesizers, in a battle with modern digital instruments, makes the music of Synthtrack so characteristic. Most of the songs are own compositions, and of various styles. From Dark-Ambient to Electro-Pop and harmonic trance-like sounds combined with pure electronic music and sequencer patterns. Beside this Synthtrack will always keep seeking for combinations with other artists and instruments, like percussions, and vocals. The main goal is to share the joy of various harmonic sound- scapes and to surprise the listener with the beauty and possibilities of electronic music. Synthtrack   Welcome to Synthtrack Inspired by the early electronic music musicians, like Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Isao Tomita, Giorgio Moroder, Walter Carlos, and after recording hours of expirimental music since 1978 under the name of C.O.P. the name Synthtrack was born in december 1983. Beside own electronic expirimental compositions, a band was formed in the summer of 1984 with a singer and guitarist under the name Disengaged Dreams. During the student days in Arnhem computers were added as musical instruments. During this time also the first compositions were made together with a female singer. All equipment was stored away around 1996 until Celine started studying music and became interested in electronic music. We decided to setup our new studio in 2013 and to keep using the name Synthtrack. Celine Höller Martin Höller 15-03-2015 Listen to the latest composition for the Synthtrack album Latest track